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Wedding Speech

Rxxx, Exxx, family and dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is a bittersweet moment for me.  What make an occasion, any occasion, truly special, are the presence of certain individuals and the spirit of their character.  Two of those individuals are seated at the center of this table, but one very dear spirit is not present…the spirit of my husband Txxxxx.

Although this occasion is a celebration of Rxxx and Exxx’s marriage, I am compelled by emotions deep inside my heart and soul to recognize and celebrate before you all, my husband Txxxxx.  Recognition of Txxxxx is also recognition of the qualities that make (our) son Rxxx special, for many of those qualities have their origin in my husband.

One of the most magical gifts in my life, was the day I met Txxxxx; another, was the birth of Rxxx, who, mirroring the pursuit of goals like his father did, went on to become a national xxxxxx xxxxxx champion at age 16.  Not to be ignored, your academic achievements, including your trilingual ability, have made us equally proud. 

Rxxx, your father was (is) very, very proud of you.  We…are proud of you.  I am particularly proud of the virtues your father possessed, virtues that you now possess as well, and I know that Exxx will likewise benefit from the magnificent man that was (is) your father.  That is what makes a person truly, truly special, to see their legacy trickle down into other people, and to spread even further from there…my husband Txxxxx has, and will continue to become the most welcome and delightful infection, infecting all of you with his zest for life, and his joy for sharing.

Txxxxx and I were married xx years.  We first met at one of my parties.  I was crazy about him from that very moment.  Of course, it did not hurt that he was not very hard on the eyes. 

His self-confidence, “daring-do” attitude, intelligence, work ethic, and superior athletic ability, made him irresistible.

The personal attributes of Txxxxx aside, I am so proud that Txxxxx placed me on an equal footing in our business and in our lives.  I am most proud of his devotion to family, above and beyond all else.  Is there a greater reward than the pride one has for one’s family?    

Rxxx and Exxx are to be commended for paying for this wedding.  We all know how mother’s and mother’s-in-law can perhaps add a little stress and tension to weddings….just a little….not too much….about this much (then slowly extend your arms as wide as possible here, if you like, for added comedic effect).  Your financial independence would make your father proud.

Rxxx, your father and I are immensely proud of you.  Your independence, your strength, and your initiative, remind me daily of your father.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to instill the same dedication your father and I instilled in our family, on your new journey with Exxx.  That is what would make us most proud.  Continue that tradition established by your father.

Some of you may not know Txxxxx was an Olympic xxxxx xxxxx player; Rxxx came by his athletic ability honestly.  He taught his son Rxxx, that all things were possible if you wanted it badly enough, and were willing to work hard enough to get it.  Rxxx is already proof of that philosophy.

Rxxx, it has been a privilege and an honour to raise you, to watch you grow as a person, to watch you emulate your father, and most of all, to love you.  I could not be more proud of you, and the care, love, and concern you have demonstrated for your father and me.

Make no mistake, your father…my husband…our best friend…has built a magnificent foundation of granite for us.  Honour that hard-earned foundation.  Honour the quality of life your father sought to achieve for many of us, including those outside of the family.  Honour Exxx with the same “joie de vivre” your father bestowed on me.  Exxx, I hope that in time, you will be able to look back with the same undiminished love and devotion for Rxxx, as I have with Txxxxx.  It is a most precious gift to savour.

Due to medical negligence, I lost my husband, the father of my children, my best friend, the love of my life.

Despite the fact that Txxxxx is no longer here in body, his charm is burned into the very core of my being.  My love for him, my fondness for him, my nostalgia for him, is inescapable.  It is an emotional prison for me at this time, but a prison I’m not sure I want or wish to escape at this time.
Txxxxx was the wind in my sails; the honey in my coffee; the down in my pillow; the silk on my skin; the sun in my morning and the stars in my night; the sparkle in my eye; the charm on my sleeve.

I am sorry if I am inconsolable.  It is too early to be consoled.  I was the beneficiary of an extraordinary man and his extraordinary love for many, many wonderful years.  Please allow me to luxuriate in that love for as long as is possible.  It is a place of unparalleled warmth.

I love you Rxxx.

I love you Txxxxx.

Thank you.   


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