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January 02, 2000

Mr. Peter Winter
XYZ International Calendars

Dear Mr. Winter:

Cover Letter Ad of the Week

General Manager & Sales Manager. Excellent “Soft Skills.  Seeks employer not solely pursuing “techno-geeks”, but one dedicated to the actualization of real, not theoretical customer service.  Versatile, articulate, affable, responsible, imaginative, customer service oriented individual with natural sales ability who still values the importance of good penmanship, grammar, spelling, and matching socks.  Subject has launched numerous projects and compiled compelling growth and sales statistics.  Subject works well in low-grade, mid-grade, or high octane environments. Sales and/or Jr. & above Mgmt. Ad Weekly Magazine states:This model is an exceptional value for prospective buyer.  L. MacPherson raises the benchmark of customer service and sales.
H. 905-555-5555  C. 905-555-9999

I look forward to meeting with you.

Yours truly,

Louis MacPherson



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