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Why place a companion or personal ad?  One need only look at the various personal ads in your local paper to discover how uniformly bland, vague and similar they are and yet the goal hoped to be achieved, is significant, if not possibly life altering.  Set yourself apart from the crowd and create an ad that does not vanish in a long classified column of anonymity.  Should not your ad reflect the significance of your desired goal?  Is a couple of hundred dollars too much to ask for the opportunity to meet the man or woman of your dreams?

Heterosexual Libra male, 44, br hair, bl eyes, 6’, 170 lbs.  Attractive, eclectic personality, irreverent sense of humour.  Intelligent, articulate, selfless, genuine, sincere.  Prone to inconspicuous bouts of mischievousness. Believes intelligence is the sexiest thing on earth.  Words are my passion, enunciation and diction my religion.  In no particular order, craves good food, good company, good conversation, Tuscan red wine, Golden Cadillacs, After Eight martinis, Black Sambuca, chocolate, foie gras, any kind of pasteurized soft ripened cheese, and anything that swims.  Interests include theatre, film, travel, dinner parties, writing and people watching.  I am not looking to share dinner and breakfast, but rather breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  If you long to share the enthusiasm for life and learning with a truly unique individual who still likes to slide down banisters, and, if you long to be at the heart of one’s solitude, tell me about yourself.  There is only one worthy reward in life…and that is living to make others smile and laugh.


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