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I just want to thank you so much for the speech you wrote. It was a fantastic hit. You have a way with words that I could only dream of. You talked with me on the phone and got some info, and voila, you wrote a speech that was exactly what I was trying to say but much more elegant than I would have ever been able to say or write. Again, thank you so much and if there ever comes a time where I need another speech, I will be calling on you for your professionalism.

Lyndon Bingley, Oshawa, Ontario

My name is Louis MacPherson.  I have been writing for about the last 35 years and have been published in numerous newspapers throughout the greater Toronto area for the last 19 years.  I write in a variety of styles as my sample articles will attest.

Why another writing service, when there are literally thousands if not more already in existence?  For them, writing is a business.  For me, writing is my passion.

With few exceptions, the other services cater almost exclusively to essays and executive speaking; these two types of service exclude many people, leaving them lost in the writing wilderness.  As I said earlier on the home page, “Everyone has a fear of public speaking”.

I love to write.  I love words.  My vocabulary is my passion.  Wouldn’t it be exceptional to provide a service that has ethically/morally redeeming substance to the service?  A service whereby not only will the client stand proudly and charismatically, but I too will quietly feel a sense of pride in the shadows. If I can help someone achieve radiance, humour and, possibly, redemption or reconciliation by way of assembling the clients innermost genuine passions and sincere intentions, then I have succeeded.

Thus, you have the birth of Writing Write Speeches.  Ideally, it is my intention to meet with you, the client, whenever possible.  Through meeting the client, it allows me to glean a more thorough appreciation of who you are and how you speak.  After all, we want to convey to the reader or listener that it’s “you” up there on the stage or in your presentation.  Requests for anonymity however, will always be honoured. 

Time and or distance may prohibit us from meeting.  Use our online questionnaire, E-mail, call 289-314-4489 or 1-855-SPEECH-0, or fax 905-404-4416 with the details of your speech or letter.


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